Sinclair Collection

We have a great Sinclair collection. Sir Clive Sinclair has been responsible for a wide range of products that have shaped our everyday lives. From calculators to computers, these now everyday items were first brought to the public at an affordable price by Clive Sinclair.
As well as successes like the Sinclair Spectrum computer, he also brought us the somewhat less commercially successful Sinclair C5 electric car. But was it a failure because it was a bad idea or because it was ahead of its time? ...
Our collection of Sinclair products pays tribute to the british visionary that is Clive Sinclair.
Below is a selection of some of our Sinclair Collection ...
Item Condition Date
Sinclair Micro FM Radio HireSinclair Micro FM Radio Good 1965
Sinclair Executive Calculator HireSinclair Executive Calculator Good August 1972
Sinclair Cambridge Programmable HireSinclair Cambridge Programmable Good June 1973
Sinclair Cambridge Calculator HireSinclair Cambridge Calculator Good June 1973
Sinclair DM1 - Digital Multimeter HireSinclair DM1 - Digital Multimeter April 1974
Sinclair DM2 - Digital Multimeter HireSinclair DM2 - Digital Multimeter Average 1975
Sinclair Oxford Scientific Calculator HireSinclair Oxford Scientific Calculator Good 1975
Sinclair Black Watch HireSinclair Black Watch Average September 1975
Sinclair TV1A - Microvision TV HireSinclair TV1A - Microvision TV Average 1976
Sinclair Sovereign Pocket LED Calculator HireSinclair Sovereign Pocket LED Calculator Good 1976
Sinclair MTV1 Micro TV HireSinclair MTV1 Micro TV Good 1978
Sinclair ZX80 HireSinclair ZX80 Very Good 1980
Sinclair ZX81 HireSinclair ZX81 Good 1981
Sinclair ZX Spectrum HireSinclair ZX Spectrum Very Good 23-04-1982
Sinclair TV - FTV1 HireSinclair TV - FTV1 Good 16-09-1983
Personal Computer World - June 1984 - Sinclair QL HirePersonal Computer World - June 1984 - Sinclair QL June 1984
The Sinclair C5 HireThe Sinclair C5 Very Good - Clean - A Few Little Marks 10-01-1985
Sinclair X1 - Button Radio HireSinclair X1 - Button Radio Very Good June 1997
Sinclair Research Z-1 Micro Radio HireSinclair Research Z-1 Micro Radio Good 1999

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