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Rabbit Telephones - CT2

  • Rabbit was a British location-specific (Telepoint) telephone service backed by Hutchison. The Rabbit network was the best-known of four such services introduced in the 1980s, the others being Phonepoint, Mercury Callpoint and Zonephone. Although Hutchison had been issued a licence for Rabbit in 1989, it took until May 1992 before the service was launched. Telepoint services such as Rabbit allowed subscribers to carry specially designed (CT2) home phone handsets with them and make outgoing calls whenever they were within 100 metres of a Rabbit transmitter.
The service ceased in December 1993, only 20 months after being launched. Two thousand customers were with Rabbit at the time the service closed. The failure of Rabbit can be mainly attributed to the fall in costs of analogue mobile networks Cellnet and Vodafone, which also accepted incoming calls. Hutchison Whampoa lost around $183m from the failure of Rabbit but later went on to found the successful Orange mobile phone network.
Many of the Rabbit CT2 telephones were sold with a home base station as a home CT2 cordless telephone system and these continued to be used for many years after the closure of the Rabbit network.
Our Rabbit phones are boxed, new and unused!

Date of Manufacture: 1992

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: As New
Original Box: Yes


Rabbit Telephones - CT2 Prop For Hire

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