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If you feel the need to pick up the phone and chat about the good 'ole days and what kind of prop would best suit your particular set, then just pick up the dog and dial our digits ...
9am to 5pm : 01440 709794

5pm to 9am : Email Us !!!
We can help with advice on the appropriate use of props and what other props might suit according to time frame or technical compatibility.
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If you'd like to visit us and experience first hand the thrills of playing with classic toys and gadgets then please do. Just give us a call to arrange an appointment first ...
Pure Energy
The Counting House
High Street
SatNav users read this : DON'T trust your Sat Nav, it'll send you to the wrong part of town!! We'll send you a good old fashioned map where X will mark the spot.
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If you'd rather electro chat, then feel free. We're always happy to talk ...

If you have something to sell or donate please send your message to :

BUT, if you are selling something, please state how much you are selling it for and where the item is located. DO NOT ask us to make an offer.

Or if you are looking to hire our props please send your message to :

Credits - Some of our recent projects ...

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