Northern Telecom DisplayPhone

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Northern Telecom DisplayPhone

The Displayphone was interesting attempt to combine voice and data functionality in one unit. Although we take voice and data integration for granted today, back in 1982 this was a unique, and futuristic concept. The Displayphone combines a telephone with a small computer terminal and a 300 baud modem. The terminal also features a few basic personal productivity applications.

Although it never enjoyed much success in the telephone market, it did prove to be a hit with movie goers. The high-tech look of this early 80's technology proved to be too much to resist of the producers of sci-fi flicks of the period. The Displayphone appeared in a number of movies where it was protrayed as a furturistic video phone - a novel concept for the time, but certainly a function never actually performed by the real thing!

Date of Manufacture: December 1985

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Non Practical
Physical Condition: very Good
Original Box: No


Northern Telecom DisplayPhone Prop For Hire

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