Apple Collection

We have a great collection of Apple products. 
Below is a selection of some of our Apple Collection ...
Item Condition Date
Apple Green Monitor A2M2010P HireApple Green Monitor A2M2010P Good 1977
Apple II Computer System HireApple II Computer System Good 05-06-1977
Apple Lisa HireApple Lisa Good January 1983
Apple Macintosh HireApple Macintosh Good 1984
Apple ImageWriter I HireApple ImageWriter I Good 1984
Apple ImageWriter II HireApple ImageWriter II Good September 1985
Apple III Computer HireApple III Computer 1987
Apple OneScanner HireApple OneScanner Good 1991
Apple Powerbook 100 HireApple Powerbook 100 Good 21-09-1991
Apple Powerbook 170 HireApple Powerbook 170 Good October 1991
Apple Newton MessagePad HireApple Newton MessagePad Very Good 03-08-1993
Apple Quicktake 100 HireApple Quicktake 100 Good 16-02-1994
Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark HireApple Bandai Pippin Atmark New 1995
Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 HireApple Newton MessagePad 2000 Very Good 21-03-1997
Apple iMac Graphite  HireApple iMac Graphite Very good 1998
Apple iMac G3 - Bondi Blue HireApple iMac G3 - Bondi Blue Very Good 15-08-1998
Apple Blue & White Power Macintosh G3 HireApple Blue & White Power Macintosh G3 Good 1999
Apple iMac 20 Inch Monitor HireApple iMac 20 Inch Monitor Good 2000
Apple iMac Dalmation HireApple iMac Dalmation Very good 2001
Apple Powerbook G4 Laptop HireApple Powerbook G4 Laptop Good January 2001
Apple iMac G4 - iLamp HireApple iMac G4 - iLamp Very Good 07-01-2002
Apple iMac G5 HireApple iMac G5 Very Good 31-08-2004
Apple iPhone - First Generation HireApple iPhone - First Generation Good 29-06-2007
Apple iPhone 3GS - White HireApple iPhone 3GS - White Good 16-06-2009
Apple iPad HireApple iPad Good April 2010
Apple iPhone 4 HireApple iPhone 4 Good 24-06-2010

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